Follow progress from cvs   mikaheikkinen - 2002-03-21 07:19   -   MhProgrammer
All development is now done directly to cvs repository. So, follow progress from there.

Next package will be created when you are able to program first IC with this programmer.
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Testing and coding continues   mikaheikkinen - 2002-01-21 06:50   -   MhProgrammer
Serial based CPU card prototype is now complete. I have been writing basic level services to CPU card. Firmware is compiled using SDCC. Schematics for serial based CPU card design are almost complete and i will post it here within few days. Also finnished IO Card chematic and PCB layout will be available at same time. First IC will be programmed using MhProgrammer within few weeks.
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Prototype progressing   mikaheikkinen - 2002-01-07 01:12   -   MhProgrammer
I started to build first prototype of device and it is progressing well. Curently power supply module is under testing. CPU card and IO modules are also ready and waiting testing. During prototyping i changed design radically. All these changes are made to lower overal cost of programmer and make it available for more people. Now programmer uses 5v volt instead of 3.3 and USB connection changed to serial. Power supply will be build from well available parts(lm317 based design)
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First version online   mikaheikkinen - 2001-12-08 05:25   -   MhProgrammer
First version at last available at sourceforge.
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